Texterkennung und Textwiedergabeautomat für Blinde

word recognition device for the visual impaired

BVL is a word recognition device for the visual impaired developed by the Robotics department at FU Berlin University. It scans a book, a letter or a medication packaging and reads the written word lout in a natural sound voice. It is a „plug–and–play“–device, so the user do not need a computer or a deeper unterstanding of technology, which is very important especially for the seniors customers. The design of the device follows ergonomic and interface insights of the usergroup and provide an easy access to device.

BVL is developed by the robotic department of the University of FU Berlin.

BVL is a design cooperation with designstudent Anna Stegmann from FH–Potsdam.



Freie Universität berlin, Kunde Studio Nils Fischer

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